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One thing that people should note about the post going around about media and Chicago violence is that West Rogers Park is not a ‘white neighborhood’. Rogers Park and West Rogers Park are about 60% non-white and they are home to Devon Avenue where a huge South Asian community lives. And most of the white people who live in Rogers Park are Loyola University students.

It’s true, the local media will focus a lot more on shootings in the north side of the city than the south side. They’ll see south side shootings as commonplace and ~normal~ and it’s true that there is hypersegregation between the north and south sides of the city. But it is a mistake to assume that every north side neighborhood is a ‘white neighborhood’. I lived in Rogers Park for 8 years and it is an incredibly diverse community and the crime there still disproportionately affects people of color. So it is just as important as violence in other areas of the city, just not more important because it’s in the north side, as the media loves to latch onto.

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