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huerca zafada: Jewish annoyance of the day


So through browsing local police records I learned that this sort-of famous neo-Nazi guy who got fired from his professorial position at one of the big colleges around here used to be tenured at one of my schools before he even came there. #NaziWinning!

Anyway, he was arrested recently for threatening a member of the ADL (hence his appearance in the police records) and has a long history of changing his tune. He at some point tried to play it off like the Nazism was ~undercover~ or ~research~, then he went back to hating Jews again. Now there’s a rumor that he is Jewish; this rumor, not suprisingly, is being pushed by various neo-Nazi groups that he has broken affiliation with. That’s very simple Nazi logic - “fine, leave us, you’re probably a kike anyway.”

Which gets me to my Jewish Annoyance of the Day (It’s not Nazis, by the way, because they’re not annoying, just horrible human beings who should not be alive). People who are not neo-Nazis are commenting on this case like, “ah, how ironic, really makes you think.” The same stupid fucking rumor circles about Hitler, and people get all Alanis about that shit too. It’s not ironic, it’s fucking offensive. These rumors start because Jews are very often accused of being masterminds of their own oppression. We’re so cunning, you see, that we want to win the world’s sympathy in order to better manipulate it. Which is why the Holocaust is a Jewish lie, which is why anti-Semitic cartoons depict Jews sneaking around at night graffitiing swastikas on synagogues, which is why people accuse Jews of “whining” about oppression. So trying to say that someone like Hitler, who (though he had henchmen) is usually portrayed as the single worst enemy of humankind and Jews in the past century, is actually Jewish himself, is falling into that anti-Semitic trap of blaming Jews for the own oppression. Hey, guess what, even if the History channel digs something up so it can run another special like, “Hitler was a meth-smoking Jewish dolphin,” it makes no fucking difference in the history of the oppression of Jewish people.

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