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Top 100 songs

15. Tool - Prison Sex

I listened to Tool when I was a bitter, angry teenager and I spent many years poring over their lyrics on toolshed.down.net and collecting all of their songs and videos over a dial-up connection. While I wouldn’t put on a Tool album now, there is one song that I should recognize because it was very important to me and helped me come to terms with my abuse. This song, to me, is about fantasies people have to inflict abuse on their abusers as revenge. I would lie in bed and listen to this song and dream about what I wanted to do to him. It’s also about someone continuing the cycle of abuse, directing it not just at their abuser but also at an innocent victim. I would worry about that constantly after hearing people say that those who get abused are most likely to abuse others. I’d listen to this and think about the lyrics, almost like a mantra in meditation until I had convinced myself that I would never do something like that to anyone.